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Welcome to my website.

This is my home page in which I will try to explain the content of this website.  I did originally want to publish indexes to the Monumental Inscriptions, but instead, I have decided to publish my gleanings from the Wrexham Advertiser.

The earliest holdings of the Wrexham Advertiser, or to give it the full title used in 1850, The Wrexham Advertiser and Register of Literary, Railway, Local and General Information, in the Wrexham Archives date from February 1st 1850, issue number 2, and run to September 1852.  They restart at January 1857 and probably continue to the present time. I have endeavoured to transcribe all the obituaries from 1850 to 1852, January 1857 to July 1857, and , also the obituaries from The Wrexham Recorder July 1848 to January 1849.

Please Note  Brackets are used in my transcriptions where it has not been possible to read an item with certainty and anything within the brackets is a best possible guess.  You should check the newspaper item yourself if there is any doubt.

ult., = ultimo = of last month;     ultimo mense = in the last month.

Transcribing from newspapers is very tedious and tiring work, especially with the poor quality of some of the microfilms, also the content of the newspapers. It is one thing to transcribe all the obituaries, but as you search the paper you come across an interesting story, so what do you do?  I decided to include many news items because they include names, and names are what family history researchers need to be able to put 'meat on the bones'; other news items are included simply to give us an insight into life at that time.

It is hoped that I will be able to set aside some time to visit Denbighshire Record Office, at Ruthin, to continue transcribing the Wrexham Advertiser 1857 onwards, also to try to bridge the gap between 1852 and 1857.  To do this research and publishing a website does cost quite a lot of money, so if anyone finds the information on my website useful and would like to make a donation, please do so, all donations would be gratefully received.

If anyone would like a specific period to be researched, please let me know and,  for a small donation, I will do what I can to help. If you would like to comment on this website, or its content, please e-mail me at address below.

You may contact me at:  tom dot mercer at  (replace dot with . and at with @)


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