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February  1ST 1850     No.2                                             Price 1d.


16th ult., at his residence Lampit Street, Mr. JONES, Joiner, eldest son of the late J. JONES, Esq., Record Street, Ruthin.

28th ult., suddenly, Mr. DAVIES, Grocer and Provision Dealer, Town Hill.

March 1st 1850       No.3


16th ult., at her home, Upper Brook Street, London, The hon., Mrs. CUNLIFFE OFFLEY, widow of the late CUNLIFFE OFFLEY, esq., of Madeley Manor, In the county of Stafford.

Lately at Gresford, at an advanced age, Mrs. NEWNS.

Lately aged 33 years Mr. JOHN ROBERTS, butcher.

Lately Mrs. RANDLES, of Overton Hall, Flintshire.

May1850        No.5


16th inst., at the Wrexham infirmary, in the 51st year of his age, Mr. HUGH LEWIS the recently appointed House Surgeon to that institution.

18th  inst., at Fir Cottage, Wrexham, Miss. FANNY OWEN aged 34, of consumption, much respected.

19th inst., at Bryn-y-Pys, near Wrexham, Denbighshire, the residence of his son-in-law, Viscount SEAHAM, Sir JOHN EDWARD, Bart., of Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, aged 80.

June 1850       No.6 


6th ult., Mr. J. HUGHES, auctioneer, Pen-y-Bryn, Wrexham.

7th ult., ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. J. BURY,  accountant, Wrexham

Lately Mr. J. SHONE, agent, and C., Wrexham

21st ult., MARIA, relict of the late Mr. JONES, of the Caia, Wrexham

27th ult., ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. HENRY WOODS, cabinet maker, Wrexham.

Lately, Mr. TENCH, agent, Plas Power.

Lately, Mr. REECE WILLIAMS, Joiner, Wrexham.

July 1850        No.7

 Torn pages, nothing worthy of mention.

August 1850   No.8


On the 31st ult., THOMAS MWYNDEG EVANS, Esq., Surgeon, Wrexham.

On the 27th ult., Mr. THOMAS HUGHES, Publican, Charles-street, Wrexham.

September 1850         No.9 


1st ult., Mr. THOMAS SHAW, in his 27th year.

4th ult., much respected, Mr. EDWARD JONES, Linen and Woollen Draper, Town Hill, Wrexham, aged 75.

On the 25th ult., Miss M(AX)WELL, of Gresford, aged 86.

On the 2nd inst., Mrs. ROBERTS, of Cefn, near Wrexham.

October 1850 No.10


On the 2nd ult., THOMAS JAMES, Esq., of King St., Wrexham.

On the 18th ult., at Wargrave, Mrs. MARGARET BRISCOE, late of Wrexham.

November 1850          No.11


27th inst., Mr. WILCOCK, York Street, in his 88th year of his age.

December 1850          No.12


On the 21st ult., Mr. CREWE, Mount-street, in his 80th year.

On the 22nd ult., Mr. WILLIAM JONES, Tailor, York-street, aged 39 years

January  1ST 1851      No.13                                                                                     


Lately at Wem, Miss IRELAND, late of Wrexham.

On the 23rd ult., at King-street, Mr. EDWARD GOODE, aged 30 years.

On the 24th ult., at her residence, Charles-street, Wrexham, Mrs. EDWARDS, relict of the late Mr. JOHN EDWARDS, Draper, Wrexham.

On the 29th ult., ELIZABETH, daughter of Mr. HOLLAND, Grocer, & c., aged 18 years.

January 15th 1851      No.14


On the 12th inst., at her residence, Mount-street, Miss ROGERS.

Lately at her residence, Queen-street, Miss DAVIES, aged 64 years.

February 1st 1851       No.15


On the22nd ult., HENRY, youngest son of Mr. JOHN BURY, of Wrexham Fechan, aged 18 months.

February 15th 1851     No.16


1st inst., Mr. PARRY, Chester-street, in the 53rd year of his age.

On the 3rd inst., ALICE, youngest daughter of Mr. BATHO, Wine Vaults, Hope-street, aged 4 years.

8th inst., EDWARD, only son of Mr. EDWARD JONES, Draper, High-street.

11th inst., at her residence, Charles-street, Mrs. JENKINS.

March 3rd 1851          No.17


On the 19th ult., Mr. ROBERT JONES, of York-street, Wrexham, aged 71.

On the 21st ult., at his residence, Beast-market, Wrexham, Mr. JAMES ROBERTS, aged 77.

March 15th 1851         No.18


Feb. 28th, Mrs. BAUGH, at her residence, Holt-road.

March 8th, Mr. W. RANDLES, eldest son of Mr. JOHN RANDLES, Shoe-maker, York-st., Wrexham.

10th inst., at Pentrevoelas, Mr. ROBERT DAVIES EVANS, late of the Church-gates, Wrexham, after a long and painful illness, in the 69th year of his age.

14th inst., Mrs. DAVENPORT, aged 87, wife of Mr. DAVENPORT, Grocer, Town-hill, Wrexham.

14th inst., WILLIAM COLLINS, aged 70, for many years Bill-poster in this town.

April 1st 1851              No.19


On the 27th ult., SETH JONES, Nailor, Salop-road, Wrexham, in his 70th year.

April 15th 1851            No.20


On the 9th inst., Mr. JOHN ALLEN, of The Wynnstay Arms Inn, Ruabon, aged 62 years, deeply regretted.

May 1st 1851              No.21


Death of a centenarian. CATHERINE WILLIAMS, of Bersham, died on the 17th ult., aged 102.

On the 26th ult., at his residence Chester-street, JAMES HARBOTTLE, Esq., late of Manchester, aged 32.

On the 26th ult., Mrs. TOMKINSON, King-street, aged 63, deeply regretted.

June 2nd 1851             No.22


On the 8th ult., at his residence Salop-road, Mr. ROBERT SCHOLFIELD, aged 76, and for 42 years, an officer in the excise.

12th ult., very suddenly, the wife of Mr. JAMES GUMMOW, Jun., Builder, Wrexham-fechan, aged 25.

18th ult., ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of Mr. WILLIAM BAYLEY, Stationer, aged 10.

20th ult., at her residence, Pentrefelin, much respected, Miss MARGARET PRICE.

July 1st 1851               No.23


on the 20th ult., at Althray Hall, Bangor, Flintshire, Mr. JAMES BARKER, in his 68th year.

On the 22nd ult., Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Butcher, Wrexham, in his 42nd year.

On the 25th ult., at Bron Offa, near Wrexham, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of Mr. WILLIAM LOW, C. E., aged 10 years.

September 1st 1851    No.25


On the 12th ult., at Summer Hill, SARAH, the wife of THOMAS WALTON, Engineer, aged 19.

On the 30th ult., Mr. SAMUEL WILLIAMS, of the Cross Foxes Inn, Broughton, near Wrexham, aged 45.

October 1st 1851         No.26


On the 18th ult., of croup, aged 2 years and 9 months, RICHARD, youngest son of WILLIAM ROWE, Esq., C. E. Mount-street House, Wrexham.

On the 30th ult., ELIZABETH, second daughter of the late Mr. RICHARDS, Spirit Merchant, Wrexham, aged 14 years.

On the 30th ult., Mr. ROBERT HUMPHREYS, Grocer, Brymbo, aged 35 years.

December 1st 1851     No.28


On the 5th ult., at his residence, Chester-street, Wrexham, JOSEPH THOMAS, Esq., M. D., aged 42, much respected.

19th ult., FREDERICK HENRY, infant son of Mr. LEADBEATER, Watchmaker, Wrexham.

On the 26th ult., College-street, Wrexham, aged 85, JANE, relict of Mr. THOMAS JONES, Farmer, Erbistock, she survived her husband 48 years.

January 1st 1852    No. 29


On the 13th ult., Mr. JOHN EDWARDS, of the Holly Bush, aged 45.

On the 13th ult., EMILY, youngest child of Mr. JOSEPH JONES, Grocer, High-street, aged 7 months.

On the 14th ult., at her residence, Well-street, Mrs. EDWARDS, aged 77 years.

On the 14th ult., Mrs ANN PRITCHARD, Allington, second daughter of Mr. NEWN(E), of Gresford, aged (40).

On the 24th ult., the wife of Mr. W. PULESTON, Draper, aged 46.

February 2nd 1852    No. 30


Dec. 31st 1851, MARY C-----, infant daughter of Mr. G. W. CHALLONER, Esq., the Lodge, Holt.

On the 1st ult., at her residence, Town-hill, Wrexham, Mrs. GRIMES, relict of the late Mr. GRIMES, Currier.

1st ult., at Bersham, Mr. THOMAS GITTINS, Joiner, aged (3)5. (Found dead in bed)

On the 5th ult., Mr. GEORGE ANKERS, at his residence, in Mount-street, aged (--) years.

10th ult., FREDERICK, second son of Mr. HARRISON, Chester-street, Wrexham, aged (18) years.

10th ult., at her residence, High-street, Wrexham, Mrs. MARY ROWLAND, relict of the late Mr. ROWLAND, Chemist, aged (68) years, much respected.

14th inst., at Tyr-y-fron, near Ruabon, JANE, the beloved wife of Mr. RICHARD ROBERTS, Surgeon, aged (6)1 years.

15th inst., at her residence, Chester-street, Wrexham, Mrs. L(AURA) ELIZABETH DAVIES, relict of Mr. JOHN DAVIES, Liverpool, and grand-daughter of the late Mr. PRITCHARD, of Boughton, Chester, in her (40)th year.

31st inst., of Felinpuleston, Wrexham, MARGARET, infant daughter of Mrs. EATON, Butcher, aged 9 years.

2(8)th ult., at Marchwiel, Mrs. CHEATHAM, at the advanced age of 9(4) years.

March 1st 1852    No. 31


On the 15th ult., at his residence, Wrexham Fechan, THOMAS JONES, Esq., late of Grafton Hall.

10th ult., in Mount-street, Wrexham, aged 40, FRANCES, relict of Mr. WILLIAM HUMPHREYS, of the Commercial Inn, Chester.

21st ult., at her son-in-laws, Circus-street, Liverpool, Mrs. WILLIAMS, relict of the late Mr. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Currier, Wrexham, aged 71.

On the 24th ult., awfully sudden, Miss (BENNION), of Wrexham Fechan.

May 1st 1852    No. 33


On the 1st ult., at the residence of his Son, Hope-St., Wrexham, Mr. ROBERT BAILEY, aged 75.

On the 21st ult., at his Son?s residence, Rhostyllen, at the advanced age of  7(6), Mr. JOHN JONES, late of Liverpool, much respected.

On the 27th ult., Mr. JOHN EVANS, Furniture Broker, Wrexham, aged 66.

On the 22nd ult., in Mount-Street, Wrexham, Mr. ROBERT HUGHES, Tailor, aged 42.

On the 25th ult., EDWARD MASON, Son of Mr. MASON, of the Beast-Market, Wrexham, aged 21.

On the 29th ult., at his residence Town-hill, Wrexham, Mr. WILLIAM EDWARDS, Draper, aged 45.

June 1st 1852    No. 34


5th ult., at the residence of his father, Pen-y-bryn, Wrexham, Mr. THOMAS THORNELY, aged 55.

9th ult., JOHN EDDOWS, Beast-market, whilst at dinner, aged 54.

16th ult., Mrs. JONES, grocer, Town-hill, very suddenly, aged 48.

20th ult., Mrs. DAVIES, landlady of the Boar Inn, Yorke-street, very suddenly, aged 50.

25th ult., Mr. JOHN PRICE, draper, Town-hill, Wrexham, aged 42, much regretted.

July 1. 1852.     No. 35


On the 13th June, Mr. JOHN CROSS, Charles-street, aged 62.

15th, Mrs. GRAHAM, Poplar Cottage, aged 76.

22nd, Mr. BLAKE, Innkeeper, Yorke-street, aged 48.

23rd, Mr. OWEN, son of Mr. OWEN, Yorke-street.

25th, Mrs. SUDLOW, confectioner, Hope-street, Wrexham, aged 65.

On the 27th ult., at Wem, Salop, Rev. WILLIAM JONES, Baptist Minister, aged 40, late of Wrexham.

28th, Mr. JEBB, Artist, Penybryn, aged 72.

28th, Mrs. PULESTON, Rhosymedre, aged 63.

29th, Mr. FENNA, grocer, Townhill, aged (26) years.

29th, Mr. FRANK LLOYD, of the Bowling Green Inn, aged 59 years.

30th, Mr. EDWARD EVANS, Book-keeper, Charles-street, aged 74.

August 1. 1852.     No. 36


On the 20th ult., at her residence in King-street, Wrexham, Miss MATHEWS, aged (63)

On the 23rd ult., Mrs. OWEN, wife of Mr. W. OWEN, Stay Manufacturer, Yorke-st., Wrexham, aged 63, much respected.  She was a member of the Wesleyan Connextion for thirty-two years.

September 1852.     No. 37


On the 9th ult., at Abbott Street, Wrexham, Mr. RICHARD LOVATT, Old Swan Inn, and for many years parish clerk of  Wrexham, much respected Aged 68.

On the 17th ult., JOHN, the son of Mr. RICHARD CLARKE, Mount Street, Wrexham, Aged 20.

On the 18th ult., at the Girls National School, Pentrefelin, Miss ROTHWELL, Aged 48.

On the 19th ult., at her residence, Rhosnesney, Mrs. PUGH, Aged 96 years, much respected.

On the 21st ult., MARGARETTA, youngest daughter of Mrs. SHAW, Town-Hill, Wrexham.

On the 23rd ult., at Wrexham Fechan, Mr.  LOCKEY, Excise Officer.

Wrexham and Denbighshire Weekly Advertiser,

and Cheshire, Shropshire, Flintshire, and North Wales Register. 

No. 153.- vol. 111.                  Saturday, January 3, 1857.    Price 2D - Stamped 3D.


On the 22nd ult., aged 66, Mrs. ANN CATTRELL, the Round House, Dudleston.

On the 26th ult., Grimp(-), near Oswestry, WILLIAM HUMPHREYS, aged 84.

On the 27th ult., at Prees(-)yn, near Chirk, Mr. EVAN PARRY, aged 59.

On the 27th ult., at Ruabon, (-). EVANS, Esq., in the 79th year of his age.

On the 29th ult., very suddenly, Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, of Pickhill.

On the 2(5)th ult., at H(odes)don, Herts, Mrs. ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT, only surviving daughter of the late Rev. THOMAS PEARCE, (I)okin, vicar of Oakhampton, and rector of Lydford, both in the County of Devon, and niece of the late Dr. JOHN LUXMORE, Bishop of St. Asaph.

On the 1st inst., at the Chapel House, Salop Road, Wrexham, MARY, wife of Mr. JONATHAN OWEN, assistant overseer, aged 41.

On the 30th ult., suddenly at Plas Efenechted, near Ruthin, Mr. EDWARD JENKINS, aged 61.  The deceased was much respected and his loss will be deeply felt amongst a large number of friends and aquaintances.

On the 19th ult., at the Beast-market, ENOCH ASHTON, coach painter, aged 56, for many years in the employ of the late Mr. CO(OP)ER, subsequently to Messrs. JACKSON and JONES, (coa)ch makers.  A good and faithful servant.

Saturday, January 10, 1857.   No. 154.- vol. 111. 


On the 10th inst., after a lingering illness, JANE, the beloved wife of Mr. J. BEALE, Chemist and Druggist, of this town, and youngest daughter of the late Mr. THOMAS WAINWRIGHT, Sontley, near Wrexham, aged 40 years.

On the 31st. ult., aged 74, Mrs. ROBERTS, Castle-field, Oswestry.

On the 3rd inst., aged 77, at the residence of his son, Bailey-St, Oswestry, Mr. GEORGE HIGHAM, Gunsmith.

On the 2nd inst., JOHN, only son of Mr. ROBERT PRICE, of the Kings Head Inn, Wrexham, after a few days illness, aged 21.

On the 2nd inst., in his 70th year, the Rev. R. (KUITT),  late Pastor of the Congregational Church, Queen-Street, Chester.

On the 3rd inst., at Gwernhayled, MARY, eldest daughter of the late PHILLIP LLOYD FLETCHER, Esq., of Gwernhayled, County of Flint, and widow of the late Major WALKER, of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

On the 6th inst., at the home of her mother, Cefn Mawr, Ruabon, MARY MORRIS, daughter of the late JOHN MORRIS, machineman on the Plaskyniston Works, aged 27.

On the 8th inst., at Plasgrono, near Wrexham, the residence of his son, in his 94th year, Mr. DICKIN, formerly of Cefn-y-wern, near Chirk.

On the 7th inst., ELIZA, infant daughter of Mr. LEWIS, Lion Hotel, Wrexham, aged 1 year and 6 months.

On the 2nd inst., EDWIN, son of Mr. (E). WILLIAMS, of Pumphouse, Overton, aged 15 years.

on the 2nd inst., at his residence (--------), (le siecle), JOHN PAUL EPPELAIN, Esq.

On the 5th inst., at London, MARY, the beloved wife of Mr. F. J. EARL, Slate Manufacturer, and daughter of Mr. ELLIS EVANS, Penybryn, Wrexham, aged 35.

Death of Mr. JOHN JONES, late of Llangollen, - we learn from a Welsh Periodical published in America that, on the 18th of November last, the above gentleman died of Intermittent Fever, at Cincinnati, Ohio, leaving a widow and two daughters to deplore his loss.  He was the son of the late Mr. THOMAS JONES, Grocer, Marchwiel, and was well known in this neighbourhood and throughout Wales as a literary character and temperance advocate.

Saturday, January 17, 1857   No. 155.- vol. 111.


On the 11th inst., aged 63, at her residence, ELLEN relict of SAMUEL VAUGHAN, slater, Oswestry.

On the 8th inst., Mrs. REES, wife of Mr. REES, lapidary, High-street, Rhyl.

On the 8th inst., at Mold, in his 41st year, Mr. HUGH HUGHES, late of the County Court Office.

On the 10th inst., at Liverpool, after a short illness, Miss SARAH HARRISON, third daughter of Mrs. HARRISON, Crescent Terrace, Wrexham, aged 23 years.

on the 7th inst., at Myrtle Terrace, Salford, Manchester, JAMES WALKER, Esq., aged 65, father-in-law of Mr. DEELEY, surgeon, of this town.  Deceased had been a confidential servant in the employ of the Old Quay Company for upwards of 40 years.

On the 10th inst., aged 90, Mrs. MARTHA MATTHEWS, of Montgomery.

On the 10th inst., after a lingering illness, JANE, the beloved wife of Mr. J. BEALE, chemist and druggist, of this Town, and youngest daughter of the Mr. THOMAS WAINWRIGHT, Sontley, near Wrexham, aged 40 years.

Saturday, January 24, 1857.   No. 156.- vol. 111


On the 12th inst., at Celyn, near Northop, Mrs. WILLIAMS, aged 79.

On the 11th inst., at Pwllm(e)ly(d), near Mold, Mr. G. POWNALL, stonemason.

On the 16th inst., at the residence of her son, Adwy Cottage, ANN, relict of the late Mr. JOHN MOSS, Chester, aged 78 years.

On the 14th inst., Mrs. LAW, of Spanhill, near Ellesmere.

On the 20th inst., at Knolton Hall, Overton, Lieut-Colonel JONES, very suddenly of Apoplexy.

On the 20th inst., at Belvoir Castle, His Grace the Duke of Rutland, K.G., aged 78 years.

On th 15th inst., at the Machine House, Hope-street, Wrexham, Mrs. ELIZABETH WHITTINGHAM, relict of the late Mr. T. WHITTINGHAM, tabacconist, aged 70 years, much and deservedly respected.

On the 21st inst., at Coed-y-go, near Oswestry, Mr. THOMAS HUGHES, aged 80.

Saturday, February 7, 1857.      No. 158.- vol. 1V.


On the 23rd ult., at Holywell, in his 69th year the Rev. E. ANWYL, Wesleyan Minister.

On the 27th ult., aged 81, deeply regretted, JOHN OWEN, Esq., of Penybont, Corwen.

On the 31st ult., at High-street, Ellesmere, Mary, daughter of Mr. PETER MORRIS, aged 22 years.

On the 28th ult., after a long illness, much respected, aged 56, WILLIAM JONES, Esq.,

(P?llan-street), Pwllheli, formerly of Tycoch, near Carnarvon.

On the 31st ult., ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of G. CAMBELL, Esq., Bangor Isacoed, aged 47 years.

On the 2nd inst., at Poolmouth, Mr. JOHN HARRISON, cabinet maker, aged 24 years.

On the 31st ult., at the Rectory House, (Cemmes), Montgomeryshire, aged 3 years and nine months, JOSEPH DARLINGTON, the only son of the Rev. W. G. DAVIES.

On the 29th ult., at Glasgow, aged (-5), the Rev. JAMES SMITH, M.A. of Palace New-road, Lambeth, author of ?The Divine Drama of History and Civilization,? and many other literary labours.

On the 1st inst., at B(e)tchworth House, Surrey, the Hon. JANE, widow of the Right Hon. HENRY GOULBOURN, and sister of Lord R(O)KEBY.

On the 1st inst., at Nantwich, RICHARD HUGHES, Esq., surgeon, aged 52.

Saturday, February 14, 1857.      No. 159.- vol. 1V.


On the 1st inst., aged 63, after a short illness, ANN, wife of Mr. G. HURLSTONE, groo(--) to the Rev. E. H. DYMOCK, Penley-hall, near Ellesmere.

On the 31st ult., at Lightwood Green, near Overton, aged 56, Mr. JOHN STEEN, late innkeeper at Wrexham, and formerly of B(ryno--), Dudleston, Salop.

On the 6th inst., at Abbot-street, MARGARET SHEFTON, aged 20 years.

On the 10th inst., at Chester-street, Mrs. GOLBOURN, widow of the late Mr. HUGH GOLBOURN, of the Rose and Crown Inn, Wrexham.

On the 10th inst., at Orton, near Wolverhampton, JAMES SPARROW, Esq., in his 66th year.

On the 8th inst., very suddenly, Mr. JOSEPH MORRIS, leather manufacturer, of the Town, aged 43 years, greatly regretted by his family and a large circle of friends and aquaintances.

On the 10th inst., aged 44, at Wrexham Fechan, after a long and painful illness, borne in the Christian fortitude and resignation, MARY the beloved wife of Mr. JOSEPH CRAVEN, brewer, Wrexham, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

On the 9th inst., at Gredington, Flintshire, Mr. SPARROW, aged 81 years.  The deceased was gardener to Lord KENYON upwards of (-0) years, and for his past faithful services his lordship kindly granted him a pension, which he received for upwards of (--) years.

Saturday, February 21, 1857.    No. 160.- vol. 1V.       


On the 6th inst., MARTHA SELINA, wife of Mr. R. WILLIAMS, Bootle-lane, Liverpool, and only daughter of Mr. W. MELLOR, of Oswestry.

On the 16th inst., ELIZABETH, relict of Mr. RICHARD DRINKWATER, formerly of Llangollen, Denbighshire.

On the 13th inst., aged 75, of the Cottage, Llanymynech, after a lingering illness, ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. JOHN LLOYD, late of Berriew, Montgomeryshire.

On the 12th inst., aged 37, ANN, wife of Mr. MORRIS GRIFFITH, solicitor, Bangor.

On the 14th inst., aged 68 years, Mr. D. ELLIS, of Coedpoeth, late agent to JOHN BURTON, Esq., of Minera Hall.  The deceased succeeded his father as agent to Mr. BURTON, in the year 1832, and his death is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

On the 15th inst., at Lampit-street, Wrexham, aged 72, Mrs. JUNE WILDE, relict of the late Mr. J. WILDE, sheriffs officer, of this town.

On the 16th December last, at Calcutta, aged 38, ELIZABETH EMMA, wife of Capt. JOHN WILSON, ship ?Refuge,? of Liverpool, and niece of Mr. JOYCE, Ruthin.

On the 13th inst., aged 76 years, the Rev. E. ROBERTS, Vicar of Nantglyn, near Denbigh.

On the 7th inst., aged 34, suddenly, JOHN EDWARDS, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, son of the late LEWIS EDWARD, Maltster, Oswestry.

On the 8th inst., in Brook-street, Wrexham, aged 88, ROBERT ROBERTS, only surviving brother of the late THOMAS ROBERTS, Esq., of Edge-lane, Liverpool.

At Chester, on the 16th inst., MARGARET, daughter of the late PETER COMBERBACH, Esq., Morley Vale, Wavertree, Liverpool.

Saturday, February 28, 1857    No. 161.- vol. 1V


On the 16th inst., at Tryddyn, after a very short illness, in the 33rd year of her age, JANE, wife of Mr. E. PRICE, cattle dealer, and eldest daughter of Mr. BRAGG, Innkeeper, Pontblyddyn, near Mold.

On the 24th inst., aged 62, Mr. WILLIAMS HALL KENDILLON, master of the Oswestry House of Industry.

On the 18th inst., aged 62, after a lingering illness, at the New House, Pant, near Llanymynech, SARAH, wife of Mr. EDWARD EDWARDS.

on the 17th inst., at an advanced age, JAMES P(A)YNE, Esq., of Milford, near Baschurch, late of Adcot, Salop.

On the 20th inst., aged 77, Mrs. SARAH B(ASNETT), Wikey, near Oswestry.

On the 18th inst., aged 87, Mr. EDWARD PARRY, saddler, Llangollen.

On the 12th, at Ruabon, aged 72, Mr. JOHN JONES, late army schoolmaster.

On the 15th inst., much respected and lamented, Miss HUGHES, of Llangollen-fechan.

On the 25th inst., at Ashbrook Place, Brecon, the Rev. EDWARD DAVIES, M.A., Classical Tutor of Brecon College.

Saturday, March 7, 1857.      No. 162.- vol. 1V.

Sudden Death :

On Wednesday last an inquest was held before J. EDWARDS, Esq., Coroner for the Borough of Holt and a respectable Jury, on the body of Mr. CHARLES CHALONER, gardener, who was found dead in his bed on Monday night last.  From the evidence it appeared that the deceased retired to bed about 10 o?clock on Monday night in his usual health  -  an hour afterwards he was found by his wife dead at her side, to the great consternation and distress of herself and the family.  A verdict was found in accordance with the above facts.


On the 25th ult., THOMAS, eldest son of Mr. D. DAVIES, carrier, Wernlas, Llanrhaiadr.

On the 27th ult., at Rhyl, MARY BOWER, wife of THOMAS WANKLYN, Esq.

on the 27th ult., at Dee-side, Bangor-isacoed, Mrs. ELIZABETH POOLE, aged 93.

On the 13th ult., at Rusholme, near Manchester, ORLANDO KEMP, second son of the late EDWARD HALES, Esq., solicitor, of Whitchurch, and formerly of Wem, aged 39 years.

On the 1st inst., at Pen-y-bryn, Wrexham, MARY, daughter of MATTHIAS ROBERTS, joiner, aged (3) months.

On the 2nd inst., aged 73, at her residence, Brynllys, Llanidloes, much respected, Mrs. JERVIS, relict of the late RICHARD JERVIS, Esq.

Saturday, March 14, 1857.     No. 163.- vol. 1V.        


On the 11th inst., Mr. THOMAS EVANS, late of Willow House, and formerly foreman to Mr. (B). W. THOMAS, draper, the Cross, Oswestry.

On the 5th, aged 45, Mr. EDWARD HUGHES, Phandir, near Oswestry.

On the 5th inst., aged 73, Mr. WILLIAM JONES, tanner, Willow Street, Oswestry.

On the 2nd inst., aged 63, Mrs. JAMES HUGHES, Erwescob Farm, near Chirk.

On the 4th inst., MARIA, fourth daughter of Mr. EVANS, Ty?n-y-maes, Llanrhaiadr.

On the 5th inst., at her residence, Watergate Street, Ellesmere, Mrs. SARAH WINDSOR, aged 81.

On the 7th inst., at Nescliffe, Salop, after a long illness, CHARLOTTE, the beloved wife of Mr. JOHN JONES, schoolmaster, of that place.

On the 7th inst., at Pen-y-bryn, Wrexham, ALICE, wife of WM. JONES, pump maker, aged 30 years.

On the 10th inst., after a long and lingering illness, MARTHA, the sixth daughter of Mr. E. THOMAS, farmer, Brynnewydd, Wrexham, in the 17th year of her age.

On the 10th inst., at the Pentre, Bersham, LYDIA, daughter of RICHARD EVANS, paper maker, aged (5) years.

Saturday, March 21, 1857.    No. 164.- vol. 1V.         


On the12th inst., aged 71, Mr. W. WILLIAMS, seedsman, Llangollen.

On the 13th inst., at Knole-park, the Right Hon. The Earl of AMHERST, aged 84.

On the 13th inst., aged 77, at Wistaston, Cheshire, BETSY, relict of EDWARD DELVES BROUGHTON, one of the younger sons of Sir THOMAS BROUGHTON, Bart.

On the 9th inst., Mr. EDWARD GIBSON, farmer, Parkside, Rossett, aged 63 years, much regretted.

On the 19th inst., at the house of her son-in-law, The Rev. F. B. BROWN, King-street, very suddenly, Mrs. HARMER, aged 68.

On the 19th inst., EDWIN, second son of Mr. EDWARD WILD, Mount-street, Wrexham, aged 19.

On the 10th inst., JOHN PRICE ROBERTS, Esq., of Bryntirion, Denbigh, deeply regretted.

On the 11th inst, Mr. WILLIAM HUGHES, of the Royal Oak Inn, Denbigh.

On the 14th instant, ANN, youngest daughter of the late CHARLES POTTS, Esq., of Chester, aged 73 years.

on the 16th inst., at Northampton, HANNAH, the much beloved daughter of Mr. SIMMONS, Pentrefelin, Wrexham, aged 31 years.

Saturday, March 28, 1857   No. 165.- vol. 1V.


On the 16th inst., aged 67, MARY, relict of the late Mr. THOMAS SY(-)RS, Bridge-end, Newtown.

On the 14th inst., at the Armoury, Welshpool, after a protracted illness, JULIA ANNA, wife of Mr. M?GRATH, Quarter-master Sergeant, Royal Montgomery Rifles, and late of the 43rd Light Infantry.

On the 23rd ult., at New York, in his 74th year, Mr. W. LACON, brother to Mr. LACON, ironmonger, of Oswestry.

On the 17th inst., aged 1 year and 6 months, JAMES ALFRED, only son of Mr. W. SYKES, bookbinder, Oswestry.

On the 18th inst., at Llangollen, aged 6 years, W. J. C. BOSTOCK, only son of the late Mr. BOSTOCK, of Liverpool.

On the 19th inst., Mr. JOHN JONES, Penybryn, Llanrhaiadr.

On the 17th inst., at the Grammer School, Deyth(ear), EDWARD WHITESIDE, infant son of Mr. EDWARD ROBINSON.

On the 19th inst., aged 17, Miss CATHERINE WHATLEY D(O)WLEY, niece of Mr. THOMAS DAVIES, machine maker, Oswestry.

On November 8, Mr. AARON COLLIER, hat manufacturer, of Hobart Town, Tasmania, and late of Holywell, Flintshire.

On the 22nd inst., aged 84, Mr. JOHN PARRY, of Brynllech, Llanwchllyn, near Bala, brother of the late Rev. HENRY PARRY, vicar of Llanasa, Flintshire.  The deceased?s family have for an unbroken period of 300 years been occupiers of Brynllech, now the property of Sir W. W. WYNNE, Bart.

On the 21st, at Belle Vue Cottage, Rhyl, suddenly, of Apoplexy, Alderman JOHN ROYLE, of Chester, aged 64.

On the 22nd inst., at her brother?s residence, Bangor, Carnarvonshire, Miss EMILY MARTIN, formerly of Comberbach, Cheshire, aged 51.

On the 12th inst., at Rhos Cottage, Rhosllanerchrugog, LOUIS(A), the wife of Mr. ROBERT MILES, aged 36, much respected.

Saturday, April 4, 1857.     No. 166.- vol. 1V. 


On the 26th ult., at Minera Hall, Denbighshire, the residence of her brother JOHN BURTON, Esq., aged 71, deeply and sincerely lamented, ELLINOR, daughter of the late DAVID BURTON, Esq., Ty Celyn, Minera.

On the 27th ult., EDWARD JOSEPH, son of Mr. E. LOVATT, Parish Clerk, Wrexham, aged 2 years and 10 months.

On Monday the 30th ult., suddenly, Mr. WORTON, stay maker, Upper Brook-street, Oswestry.

On the 28th ult., at the Beast Market, PETER ROBERTS, aged 74.

On the 26th ult., at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Ruthin, Mrs. ROSS, aged 82.

On the 28th ult., JONATHAN PRICE, Rhostyllen, aged 29, after a lingering illness, much respected.

Saturday, April 11, 1857.     No. 167.- vol. 1V. 


On the 5th inst., aged 72, SAMUEL BICKERTON, Esq., Penybryn, Whittington, near Oswestry, and formerly of Sandford Hall, West Felton, Shropshire.

On the 2nd inst., suddenly, at Kinsal, Dudleston, near Ellesmere, Mrs. JONES, farmer, Pentreaaron, near Chirk.

On the 31st ult., THOMAS ROBERTS, son of Mr. EDWARD ROBERTS, shoemaker, Wrexham, aged eight years.

On the 31st ult., at Wern Fechan, Ruthin, Mr. J. JONES, flour dealer and flannel merchant.

On the 2nd inst., Mr. P. JONES, Llansaintffraid, near Corwen.

On the 3rd inst, very suddenly of Typhus Fever, Mrs. EVANS, of the Oak Inn, Gresford, much regretted.

On the 9th inst., the daughter of the above  -  a little girl; also the servant woman of the same virulent disease.

Saturday, April 18, 1857.    No. 168.- vol. 1V.   


On the 7th inst., Mr. EDWARD DAVIES, tailor, Cynwyd, Corwen.

On the 8th inst., aged 83, Mrs. MARY HUGHES, shopkeeper, Salop-road, Oswestry.

On the 8th inst., at Hoole Hall, Cheshire, in his 47th year, FRANCIS, third surviving son of the late JAMES BOYDELL, Esq., of the Rossett.

On the 10th inst., at Brook Cottage, near Hawarden, aged 11 months, ALICE ANNE, only child of Mr. J. CAPPER.

On the 10th inst., aged 34, Mr. DAVID EVANS, schoolmaster, Gwernybrenin, near Oswestry.

On the 10th inst., of Llansaintffraid, after a long and protracted illness, aged 37, the Rev. THOMAS BATTEN, Wesleyan Minister.

On the 11 inst., aged 61, CATHERINE, wife of Mr. JOHN LEE, Fron, Selattyn, near Oswestry.

On the 11th inst., at Well-street, Ruthin, Mrs. PRUDENCE LLOYD, relict of the late RICHARD LLOYD, Esq., of Trafalger Cottage, near Oswestry.

On the 11th inst., suddenly Miss CATHERINE ROBERTS, daughter of PETER ROBERTS, Esq., Penybo(nt), Ruthin, aged 50.

On the 13th inst., Mr. GEO. TREH(EARN), baker, Ruthin, aged 29.

On Sunday morning last Mrs. BROWN, formerly of Rhayader, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. JAMES HAMER, Brickfield, Newtown, at the advanced age of 102 years, by some she was supposed to be 103.  Although for a time confined to her bed, she retained the full use of all her faculties until the last.

Saturday, April 25, 1857.        No. 169.- vol. 1V.


At Brook-street, Chester, at the house of his son, Mr. JOHN PARISH, aged 83, much respected by all who knew him.

On the 13th inst., Mr. D. JONES, farmer, of Cae Eithin, in the parish of Llandrillo-yn-Rhos, Denbighshire, aged 97.  In the preceding year the united ages of six persons who died in the above parish, amounted to 496.

On the 14th inst., at the house of her son, Mr. C. SMITH, Black Lion Hotel, Mold, Mrs. ELIZABETH SMITH, aged 70.

On the 15th inst., at the rectory, Llaneyddwyn, the Rev. R. DAVIES, deeply regretted by all his friends and parishoners.

On the 15th inst., aged 65, very suddenly, Mr. ROBERT ROBERTS, of the Royal Oak Inn, Corwen.

On the 19th inst., in the 35th year of her age, MARY, relict of the late Mr. S. JENKINS, Belgrave, Cheshire, and only daughter of the late ROWE SMITH, Esq., Darland, Denbighshire.

On ther 18th inst., at Tetehill, near Ellesmere, aged 57, MARY, the wife of Mr. JOSEPH JONES, farmer.

On the 20th inst., at Ruthin, Mr. EDWARD EVANS, for many years coachman on the Chester and Holyhead and other roads.

On the 22nd inst., after a long and painful illness, borne with christian fortitude, Mrs. H. LLOYD, the beloved wife of WM. LLOYD. Esq., Ruthin.

On the 21st inst., aged 41, Mrs. WOOLRICH, wife of Mr. WOOLRICH, farmer, Marford, near Wrexham, much and deservedly  respected.

On the 21st inst., at his residence, Parkside, Rossett, Mr. ROBERT EVANS, for many years butler for Col. GOODWIN, of Mount Alyn, aged (73) years.

News Item

JOSEPH PARRY, aged 14, died on Saturday from the effects of drinking about a quarter of a bottle of whiskey, which he and some other lads had found in a Railway Station at Liverpool.

Saturday, May 2, 1857.     No. 170.- vol. 1V.


On the 20th ult., aged 81, JOHN THOMAS, of Duddleston.

On the 26th ult., at Pengwern, Flintshire, the Hon. ESSEX LLOYD, the youngest daughter of Lord MOSTYN.

On the 25th ult., at his residence, Hope-street, Wrexham, Mr. WILLIAM SUDLOW, confectioner, aged 70 years.

On the 27th ult., aged 60, at 4, (Rad)cliffe-street, Brunswick Road, Liverpool, Mr. HENRY JONES, formerly of Coney Green, Oswestry.

On the 28th ult., aged 80, in Salop-road, Oswestry, Mrs. MARY PRICE, formerly of Pentreclawd, near Oswestry.

On the 20th ult., Mr. THOMAS BA(----), Liverpool, aged 57, he was towns waiter in Liverpool for twelve years and much respected by the nobility and gentry of that town.

On the 20th ult., Mr. JOHN MOR(RIS), Rhyl, aged 81. Deceased was one of the oldest inhabitants, at Rhyl, having lived there since the place numbered but a few cottages.

On the 25th ult., Mrs. W. ROBERTS, Chester, sister of Mrs. J. ROBERTS, Church-street, Oswestry, very suddenly.

On the 23rd ult., at Salop-road, Wrexham, ANN, daughter of Mr. EDWARD WHITEHALL, aged 4 years.

On the 23rd ult., at St. John?s-(----), Ellesmere, GEORGE, son of Mr. WM. COLEMAN, aged 6 years.

On the 24th ult., at the Cerney, Broughton, JOHN ROGERS, aged 48 years.

On the 29th ult., Mrs. CUNNAH, Ruabon, widow of the late Mr. CUNNAH, organist of Ruabon Church.

On the 18th ult., aged 61, Mr. E. ROBERTS, farmer, Wiggington, St. Martin?s, near Chirk.

On the 25th ult, at Bryngwyn, near Towyn, aged 86, the Rev. THOMAS JONES, perpet(ual) (cu)rate of Llangrya, Merionethshire.

Saturday, May 9, 1857.    No. 171.- vol. 1V. 


On the 21st ult., at Rome, the Rev. E. T. EVANS, M.A., incumbent of Llandudno. The deceased gentleman, who was travelling on the wedding tour was, during his stay at the above place, attacked by a typhus fever, which, resolving itself into a brain fever, caused his death.

On the 26th ult., Miss ELIZABETH STEPHENS, Ruabon.

On the 26th ult., aged 70, Mr. EDWARD JONES, Pandy-Bach, Glyn Trian, Llangollen.

On the 28th ult., at Ruthin, in his 48th year, the Rev. D. GRAVEL.

On the 28th ult., aged 35, Mr. ROBERT ROBERTS, wine and spirit merchant, Llangollen.

On the 1st inst., at Tanybryn, Hermitage-place, Beaumaris, ROWLAND WILLIAMS, Esq., aged 24.

On the 5th inst., at Birkenhead, after a long illness, JANE, the beloved wife of W. DOBIE, Esq., late of Alyn Derwyn, Rossett.

On the 4th inst., at an advanced age, ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. ROBERT WILLIAMS,

Wild(--)-street, Ellesmere.

On the 3rd inst., aged 79, at the residence of his son, St. John?s Hill, Ellesmere, Mr. RICHARD RALPHS, bricklayer.

On the 2nd inst., at St. Helier?s, Jersey, FREDERICK ARTHUR EGERTON, Commander R.N., sixth son of the late Sir PHILLIP GREY EGERTON, of Oulton-park, Cheshire

Saturday, May 16, 1857.     No. 172.- vol. 1V.   


EVANS.  - On the 1st inst., aged 45, Mr. A. EVANS, Sun Inn, Llangollen.

JONES.  - On the 4th inst., aged 64, Mrs. JANE JONES, Waterloo-tower, Wynnstay-park, Ruabon.

TATLOCK.  - On the 4th inst., at Plas Clough, near Denbigh, MARY, widow of the late H. TATLOCK, Esq.

COULTON.  - On the 8th inst., at Brighton, DAVID TREVANA COULTON, Esq., of No. 2 Park-pr(osp)ect, Westminster, aged 46, late editor of the Press newspaper.

LLOYD.  - On the 9th inst., the infant daughter of Mr. R. LLOYD, parish clerk, Ruabon.

LEA.  - On the 10th inst., at Blackwater?s Cottage, Ellesmere, Mr. W. LEA, aged 79.

ROBERTSON.  - On the 10th inst., aged 82, at (S)iamber-wen, Llangollen, Mrs. ROBERTSON.

JONES.  - On the 7th inst., at 36, Cambridge-street, Pimlico, aged 26, T. H. JONES, Esq., eldest son of the late Rev. JOHN JONES, vicar of Llansaintffraid, Montgomeryshire.

(E----).  - On the 10th inst., at the house of his Aunt?s, Mrs. WADE, Kent-place, Oswestry, aged (--) years, EDWIN HALL, second son of Mr. JOHN EDWARD EDDS, of London.

PETERS.  - On the 8th inst., JOHN, the third son of Mr. THOMAS PETERS, of Brynyorkin, Hope, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian resignation.  He was esteemed by a large circle of friends.

PRICE.  - On the 13th inst., at Ruabon, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian fortitude, the wife of Mr. PRICE, maltster, Ruabon.

PUGH.  - On the 14th inst, at Penygardden, near Ruabon, Mr. JOHN PUGH, (formerly of Afoneitha) aged (6)4 years.

Saturday, May 23, 1857.      No. 173.- vol. 1V.


ARNOLD.  - On the 7th inst., at Shadwell (------), Norfolk, Mrs. ARNOLD, daughter of the late Mr. JOHN HUGHES, Erwecob Farm, St. Martin?s.

CALDECOTT.  - On the 17th inst., Mr. JOHN CALDECOTT, veterinary-surgeon, St. Martin?s, Chirk.

SMITH.  - On the 15th inst., at Pentrefelin, Wrexham, Mr. PETER KENDRICK, smith, aged 22 years.

ELLIS.  - On the 18th inst., aged 43, from inflammation of the lungs, after 43 hours illness, Mr. (J). ELLIS, Tynyrhos Cottage, near Chirk.

TOMKIES.  - On the 19th inst., THOMAS, infant son of Mr. CHARLES TOMKIES, Bailey-street, Oswestry.

OWEN.  - Drowned, in attempting to cross the River Bahai(a), in New Zealand, on the 20th (January) last, GEORGE EUSEBIUS OWEN, fourth son of the Rev. JOHN OWEN, rector of Llaniesyn, aged 1(5) years.

BURNS.  - 14th inst., at Dumfries, aged 7(0), Mr. ROBERT BURNS, the eldest son of the Scottish poet.

LLOYD.  - On the 16th inst., at Plas Tre(for), Llandudno, Lieut. Col. Sir WILLIAM LLOYD, of Br(--------), aged 74.

JONES.  - 19th inst., of Fernhill-hall, Oswestry, Mr. DAVID JONES, butler to THOMAS L(OVITT), Esq..

EDWARDS.  - On the 20th instant at Pengallte, (near) Ruthin, Mr. ROBERT EDWARDS, aged 85.  The deceased was a zealous member of the Wesleyan connextion for upwards of 50 years.

DAVIES.  - On the 13th inst., at Ramsey, Isle-of-man, aged 89, Mrs. A. DAVIES, late of Burton-villa, Rossett, after a very short illness.

Saturday, May 30, 1857.     No. 174.- vol. 1V.


HENSHAW.  -  On the 14th inst., Mrs. HENSHAW, wife of Mr. JOHN HENSHAW, Farndon, and daughter of the late JOHN EVANS, builder, Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant, aged 37 years.

PRYCE.  -  On the 19th inst., Mr. T. PRYCE, Mermaid Inn, Welshpool.

BOWYER.  -  On the 19th inst., at Welshpool, Mr. BOWYER, of Bishop?s Castle.

HUGHES.  -  On the 20th inst., at Dafarn Dowarch, Mr. T. HUGHES, son of J. HUGHES, Esq., of Plas Newydd, Llandegla, near Ruthin.

WOOD.  -  On the 20th inst., Mr. E. WOOD, Welshpool.

FAIRCLOUGH.  -  On the 21st inst., HENRY, the infant son of H. J. FAIRCLOUGH, Esq., of St. Asaph.

WALL.  -  On the 21st inst., aged 78, MARY, relict of the late Mr. JOHN WALL, of the Pleasant Groves, Elesmere.

DALE.  -  On the 22nd inst., at his residence, 1(8), Cherry Street, Birmingham, Mr. WM. DALE, father of Mr. DALE, ironmonger, Oswestry.

DAVIES.  -  On the 22nd inst., at the University Club, very suddenly, D. A. S. DAVIES, Esq., M.P. for Carmarthenshire, aged 65.

ROBERTS.  -  On the 25th inst., at Rhostyllen, near Wrexham, Mrs. SARAH ROBERTS, relict of the late Mr. R. ROBERTS, and only sister of the late Mrs. BERRY, of Oswestry.

TILSLEY.  -  On the 25th inst., aged 40, Mr. JOHN TILSLEY, maltster, Knockin, near Oswestry.

SALTER.  -  On the 26th inst., aged 62, Mr. RICHARD SALTER, Bailey-street, Oswestry.

GRIFFITH.  -  On the 23rd inst., at Ruthin, Mr. WM. LLOYD GRIFFITH, aged 52 years.

ELLIS.  -  On the 25th inst., EDWARD HUMPHREY, the son of Mr. ELLIS, Rhosllanerchrugog, aged two years.

ROBERTS.  -  On the 25th inst., at Castle-street, Ruthin, Miss ELIZABETH ROBERTS, eldest daughter of the late G. ROBERTS, Esq., solicitor, Record-street, Ruthin, aged 57 years.

JONES.  -  On the 24th inst., at Ty?n-y-Minffordd, Llanfair, near Ruthin, in his 76th year, Mr. W. JONES.

MARREN.  -  On the 26th inst., suddenly, Mr. JOHN MARREN, landlord of the Union Tavern, York-street, Wrexham, aged 24 years.

JONES.  -  On the 27th inst., Mr. HENRY JONES, butcher, Willow-street, Oswestry.

Saturday, June 6, 1857    No. 175.- vol. 1V.


ROBERTS.  -  On the 27th ult., aged 60, Mrs. MARY ROBERTS, Llys-lane, Oswestry.

WRIGHT.  -  On the 29th ult., Mr. WILLIAM WRIGHT, shoemaker, Upper Church St., Oswestry.

PUGH.  -  On the 29th ult., of inflammation of the brain, aged 27, Mrs. SARAH PUGH, wife of Mr. SAMUEL PUGH, Eagles Inn, Llangollen.  Deceased had been married only 24 days.

ARMOR.  -  On the 2nd inst., at his residence, White Friars, Chester, W. ARMOR, Esq., Collector of Inland Revenue for this district.

ZACHARY.  -  On the 23rd ult., in her 65th year, Mrs. ANNE ZACHARY, Burton, Denbighshire, much respected by all who knew her.

JOHNSON.  -  On the 29th ult., at the house of Mrs. M. W. DAVIES, Cefn Mawr, Mrs. MARY JOHNSON, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, aged 66, very suddenly.

DAVIES.  -  On the 29th ult., Mrs. DAVIES, Coney Green, Oswestry, aged 65, wife of Mr. EDWARD DAVIES, mail-contractor.

DAVIES.  -  On the 3rd inst., Mr. EDWARD DAVIES, Coney Green, Oswestry, for many years contractor for conveying the mails between Oswestry and Llanfyllin.

JONES.  -  On the 1st inst., at Morton, near Oswestry, aged 44, PENELOPE, the beloved wife of the Rev. WM. JONES, curate of Morton.

BOUGHEY.  -  On the 31st ult., aged 36, MARGARET, the beloved wife of Mr. W. BOUGHEY, farmer, Hampton?s Wood, Ellesmere.

Sudden Death: A young man named JOSEPH JONES, servant at the Rose and Crown public-house, St. Asaph, retired to bed at about nine o?clock on the night of the 18th inst., in perfect health.  About four o?clock next morning he was found dead by his master, JOHN JONES.  an inquest was held on the body by P. PARRY, Esq., coroner for the county and a verdict of ?Died by the Visitation of God? returned.

Saturday, June 13, 1857.      No. 176.- vol. 1V.


BRIGGS.  -  On the 2nd ult., at Plas Teg, ELIZABETH MARY, wife of Capt. M. BRIGGS.

LUM.  -  On the 8th inst., aged 28, Mrs. JANE LUM, Moreton Common, near Oswestry.

DUCKETT.  -  On the 5th inst., Mr. RICHARD HOWELL DUCKETT, New-mills, Weston Rhyn, Chirk.

HUGHES.  -  On the 8th inst., aged 44, HANNAH JEMIMA HUGHES, relict of the late Mr. HUGHES, provision dealer, Willow-street, Oswestry.

RICHARDS.  -  On the 9th inst., Salop-road, Wrexham, of Typhus Fever, ELIZABETH RICHARDS, eldest daughter of Mr. R. RICHARDS, Advertiser Office, Wrexham, aged 17 years.

WILLIAMS.  -  On the 10th inst., in Mount-street, Wrexham, of Pulmonary Consumption, Mr. S. WILLIAMS, printer, (formerly employed in The Wrexham Advertiser Office), aged (2)7.

HUGHES.  -  On the 2nd inst., at Fron Deg, MARGARET, wife of Mr. C. HUGHES, aged 45.

COLEMAN.  -  On the 5th inst., HARRIET, eldest daughter of Mr. WILLIAM COLEMAN, of St. John?s Hill, Ellesmere, aged 17 years.

JONES.  -  On the 5th inst., at New Marton, near Ellesmere, Mrs. ELIZABETH JONES, aged 78 years.

EYTON.  -  On the 6th inst., at Leeswood, near Mold, the seat of his brother (J. WYNNE EYTON, Esq.,) Capt. W. W. EYTON, R.N., aged 63, who commenced his naval career with the Battle of Trafalger.

DAVIES.  -  On the 6th inst., of inflammation of the lungs, aged 6(4), THOMAS WILLIAM DAVIES, Esq., surgeon, Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant, fourth son of the late Rev. THOMAS DAVIES, rector of Llandderfel, Merionethshire.

READ.  -  On the 6th inst., LOUISA, infant daughter of Mr. JOHN READ, of Haughton Brick Yard, Ellesmere.

JERROLD.  -  On the 8th inst., aged 54, Mr. DOUGLAS JERROLD, the celebrated author and journalist

Saturday, June 20, 1857.     No. 177.- vol. 1V.


THOMAS.  -  On the 10th inst., Mr. EDWARD THOMAS, Brook-street, Oswestry, for many years in the employ of T. PENSON, Esq., surveyor of the highways.

WILLIAMS.  -  On the 11th inst., aged 37, at Queen?s -park, Chester, WILLIAM B. WILLIAMS, Esq., Corwen, North Wales.

RODENHURST.  -  On the 11th inst., aged 3 years, CHARLES G., son of Mr. RODENHURST, Whittington, near Oswestry.

PHILLIPS.  -  On the 12th inst., Mrs. PHILLIPS, Shoe Warehouse, Oswestry, aged 79.

DUNLOP.  -  On the 13th inst., Mrs. DUNLOP, Upper Church-street, Oswestry.

CARTWRIGHT.  -  On the 15th inst., Penybryn, Wrexham, Mr. JOHN CARTWRIGHT, wheelwright, aged 65 years.

EDWARDS.  -  On the 16th inst., ELIZA, wife of Mr. MICHAEL EDWARDS, skinner, Salop-road, Wrexham, aged 28 years.

RICHARDS.  -  On the 17th inst., at Holywell, after a long and painful illness, of consumption, Mr. H. RICHARDS, compositor, lately in the employ of Messrs. HUGHES & SON, Wrexham, aged 20 years.

Saturday, June 27, 1857.     No. 178.- vol. 1V.  


HUGHES.  -  On the 11th inst., aged 21, Mr. OWEN GRIFFITH HUGHES, second son of Mr. JOHN HUGHES, of The Tower, Llangollen.

DAVIES.  -  On the 17th inst., Mrs. JANE DAVIES, Scotland Street, Ellesmere, aged 76 years.

ROBERTS.  -  On the 18th inst., aged 68, Mrs. ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Llangedwin, in this county.

THOMAS.  -  On the 21st inst., Mrs. CATHERINE THOMAS, of Beacon?s Hill, Denbigh, aged 86.

DAVIES.  -  On the 10th inst., at Gresford, MARGARET, widow of the late Mr. DAVID DAVIES, builder, aged 79 years.

Saturday, July 4, 1857.    No. 179.- vol. 1V. 


WYNN.  -  On the 24th ult., at 104, Piccadilly, London, aged 78, Miss WILLIAMS WYNN.

ALVA(S)LEY.  -  On the 24th ult., at 19 Br(utos)-street, London, aged 69, Lord ALVASLEY.

RALPHS.  -  On the 24th ult., at Church Hill, Ellesmere, RICHARD, and on the following day, WILLIAM, ? twin sons of JOHN RALPHS, of that place, bricklayer, aged 9 months.

YEARSLEY.  -  On the 2(6)th ult., suddenly at Shrewsbury, JOHN YEARSLEY, Esq., of Brighton, brother of WILLIAM YEARSLEY, solicitor, of Welshpool.

WALL.  -  On the 27th ult., at Penley near Overton, Mrs. ELIZABETH WALL.

DAVIES. - On the 1st inst., much regretted, THOMAS DAVIES, Ship Inn, Bangor, aged (5)7.


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